Podculture plays D&D, Episode 1 – Cast Detect Evil on the DM

Hey all,

welcome to the first episode of Podculture plays D&D, featuring some great podcasters and myself.

This week we introduce our cast of brave heroes.Β  Zargash a dragonborn paladin, Aiden Hobbs a human ranger, Amethysia a half-elf bard and Gary a half-elf monk.Β  Our heroes have been sent to the tiny village of little Oggton in order to maintain the peace and provide protection as part of the mission of the Church.

Our Player characters encounter an overly friendly Tiefling a somewhat rushed blacksmith and a very mercantile gnome.


Full cast can be found below:
Amethysia: @CrystalPisano

Aiden Hobbs: @RonaldFoose

Gary: @iaguzSC2

Zargash : @NerdyTies


Please feel free to contact me directly here:

Keep Rolling!


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