Episode 70 – The Incredibles 2

That’s right, this week we tackle the topic of the family that can’t seem to defeat THE UNDERMINER!  The Incredibles.  2.  The second movie.  It’s here.  We review it.  Check

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Nerdy People Play D&D, Hiatus

Hey all,


to break the communication drought I bring you the reason why we haven’t been releasing episodes and why a few things have changed…..


As always I …

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Episode 9 – Unicorn Holders

Here we have episode 9 of the NEW podcast by the Nerdy Boys here at Nerdy Things Podcast.

‘Everything Is Fine! A Good Place Podcast’ is us watching the Good …

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Episode 67 – Deadpool 2

This week’s main topic was the sequel to Deadpool, Deadpool 2.  That’s right, the Merc with a mouth is back, he still has a mouth.  This time, he’s got a …

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