Episode 68 – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Our topic this week is the movie ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’.  I love Star Wars, of course we had to talk about this movie.

Nerdy News:

Sesame Street sues Happy Time Murders
Was is the tag line? Or the silly string jizz?

Amazon officially revives The Expanse for season 4
Jeff Bezos loves this show.

Andrew Lincoln is leaving TWD
He’s joining the rest of us that left years ago.

Fallout 76 announced.
Some dude on Reddit had to drink a bottle of hot sauce because of it.

Nintendo announced Pokemon coming to the Switch
It was only a matter of time.

Pokemon Quest is apparently a thing
though not much of a thing? Or too much of a thing? I can’t decide.

James Mangold to direct Boba Fett Star Wars movie
I love every word of that sentence.

Woody Harrelson confirmed for Venom movie
Cletus Cassidy? You bet. Carnage spin-off? Absolutely.

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